Thursday, March 25, 2010

Phase One No Fun!!

Well I've made it 5 days on phase One of South beach! I had forgotten about how badly this phase depleats you of all your energy! I've been lifting in the morning as usual, and have done Power 90 but really really 1/2 arsed! I just wanted to cut a few of the pounds I put on last week. No real weight loss drop yet which is a little frustrating when I have been so diligent at zero carbing it this week. However I have successfully turned down desserts 3 times this week. That even included the uber delicious loft house sugar cookies currently in the cupboards this very moment. Depending on how much weight I've lost by Sunday I may just do phase two and just amp up my workouts. I do feel better though I have to say. It was also very nice to win the fight and regain some self control over my sugar obsession.

Doing phase one also tends to bring out the bitchiness (due to the lack of carbs and sugar detox!) but I think I've done a pretty good job of managing that too! I was worried about my patience or lack there of with the kids at school, but surprisingly I had a lot more than usual and was not as bothered by the "drama" that happens at recess. Even better surprise was how fast this week went by. I thought it would drag due to the fact that last week was spring break and the week prior to that I only worked 2 days. It really flew by though, and the next two weeks are four day weeks! I am hoping to get all caught up and maybe even ahead with my school assignments and projects during these longer weekends. I am just too dang old to be pulling these all nighters like I have been!

Well it is past bed time and 5:15 AM comes awfully fast!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Oh boy!

Well I hate to say it but I kind of phased out the rest of the week as far as exercise went. My eating was horrible too dang it! I was so motivated to kick it up a knotch this week having access to a fitness center and pool. I love food though and unfortunately like in the past in won out! I'm not throwing in this towel yet though! I normally would have, but I really want to see this through! I'm going to to do my best to do south beach the next two weeks along with my Power90. I really need to knock sugar out completely and when I did south beach the first time it seemed to be the only thing that help me do that.
So I am not giving up I am stayin committed to this little venture of mine! I want to take control of myself again and be the queen of self discipline!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just keep pushing play!

Ok so my mind is so on vacation mode. It does not like knowing that exercise is a must! I put off doing P90 forever, but once I "pushed play" as Tony always says I was fine and in workout mode! I was laying on the couch and a P90X informercial came on. How did Tony know I was being lazy and laying on the couch?! I don't know if any of you have seen this informercial, but it really makes you want to get your butt off the couch so I did.
Tony is the main man in my life right now! He has so many quirky sayings that he shares while you are working your butt off. At the start of this adventure you want to press the mute button and punch him after he utters one of his many sayings, but after a while you grow to appreciate them. I've even found myself saying them! Of course instead of "Put the cheeseburger down" I say "Put the cupcake down!".